Cutlass bearings

Cutlass bearings are found in many craft. Typically a bearing can have a 10 year life but this will vary. Typical issues could be wear from engine misalignment, things caught around the prop preventing it from spinning creating a flat spot which can lead to excess wear.

If we are carrying out our “Winter Maintenance” service then we will always check the cutlass bearing for any issues.

  • sourcing new cutlass bearing
  • removal of worn bearing and replacement with new bearing

Rudder bearings

With rudder bearings we:

  • check for any wear (top and bottom) and if work is require
  • order any new bearings from the dealer
  • prep and clean the rudder stock and also the housing
  • fit the new bearings.

Quick tip: a small drop of fairy liquid is fantastic at lubricating these bearings and is then washed away by the water.