Keeping your boat in good shape will help protect your investment.

Regularly using our antifouling service is a great preventative maintenance for your boat. A typical antifouling preventative maintenance job would consist of:

  • Light abrade
  • Tape up and wash off
  • Prime patches
  • Antifoul hull
  • Bow thruster blades resprayed (anodes replaced if applicable)
  • Second visit for patches on launch


Coppercoat is a durable, long-lasting antifoul solution. This hard-wearing, densely copper filled resin will help protect your boat for up to 10 years.

We can supply and or apply Coppercoat to your boat hull as a Contract operation, which includes:

  • Lift t
  • Dry store or tenting
  • Blasting and scraping
  • Coppercoat Application
  • Inspection and boat relaunch


  • Antifouled using our own airless sprayer
  • Race preparation