We are pleased to provide an extensive range of Dulon products that can be used to clean restore and protect the whole boat throughout the season.

Dulon is a worldwide leader in providing quality products to maintain yachts and powerboat.

Dulon Marine offers a fitting solution for almost every maintenance challenge.

Dulon 1 & 2 has been used by both private and professionals for many years and is a product that we highly endorse.

  • bilge-clean3

    Bilge & Engine Cleaner

    Strong multi functional degreasant, developed specially for cleaning and degreasing the engine. Removes substances like oils, grease and lubricants in

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  • black-stripes-remover

    Black stripes remover

    Removes the ugly black stripes on boats from fallout/pollution without destroying the polish protection. Best to use this product whilst

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  • boat-bottom-cleaner

    Boat bottom clean

    Prep surface with Predulon 00 to remove and dirt/grime or previous products used. Start with dulon 14 strog compound, to

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  • boat-shampoo

    Boat shampoo

    Highly concentrated, multi purpose shampoo. Cleans and has a self drying action.   Suitable for use in combination with all

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  • dulon1-2-500ml-jpg

    Dulon 1 & 2

    Dulon 1 & 2 is the best 2-component¬†Boat Shine and Protection System money can buy. Dulon has been Europe’s number

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  • hull-and-waterline-clean

    Hull & waterline clean

    Dulon Hull & Waterline Clean (previously Quick Clean) is a waterline yellow stain remover. It is self activating and non-acid! Simply

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  • polish-and-wax-compound

    Polish & wax compound

    Combines polishing paste and wax fluid in one solution. Cleans and restores lightly weathered, dull surfaces and removes small scratches,

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  • poly-polish-fine2

    Poly polish fine

    Poly Polish is brilliant at removing oxidisation and general marks and skuffs. It is a light cutter and has unique

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  • poly-polish-medium

    Poly polish medium

    Poly Polish is brilliant at removing oxidisation and general marks and skuffs. It is a medium cutter and has unique

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  • poly-polish-strong

    Poly polish strong

    Poly Polish is brilliant at removing oxidisation and heavy weathered, chalky, stained and dull surfaces. It is a strong cutter

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