Premium Shampoo


Dulon Premium Shampoo is a highly-concentrated shampoo to maintain your Dulon 1&2 protection system.

Also, it is more than just a shampoo – it also repairs possible damage to the protective molecular grid provided by Dulon 1&2.

Dulon Premium Shampoo may be used as often as desired and leaves your boat beautifully clean. Just a cap-full added to a bucket of lukewarm water and a brush or sponge is all you need to achieve a perfect result. Rinse it off with water and this special shampoo will dry to a shining, clean and streak-free finish. For areas in Australia with “hard water” we recommend a water softener/filter, or simply chamois the surface to dry to a perfect finish, especially for dark hulls.

To ensure the Dulon membrane lasts as long as possible, it is highly recommended to only use Dulon Shampoo as many other detregents are not PH balanced and can etch into and strip polish and paintwork!


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Additional Information

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