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Dulon 1 & 2 is the best 2-component Boat Shine and Protection System money can buy. Dulon has been Europe’s number 1 Boat Protection System for many years. Easy to apply, Dulon 1 is applied with a damp sponge, lightly polishing the surface, this is left to dry and haze. Do not buff this off yet! Dulon 2 is then applied the same way right over the top of the Dulon 1 haze, again allow this to dry to a haze. The surface is then polished by hand with a soft micro fibre cloth or machine with soft polishing bonnet to bring up a brilliant deep lustre. For best results work in the shade, on one section at a time. If you can’t work in the shade, use a spray bottle with water to lightly mist the surface frequently.

Dulon 1 & 2 Polish will last a long time, due to a special shaped molecule that creates a grid, providing 100% protection from all extremities, including UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, salt, fallout etc. In Australia we recommend application twice per year to ensure protection against our harsh UV conditions.

Please note that Dulon 1&2 can only be purchased together and are not available for individual sale.

Dulon 1  – Available in 500ml, and 5 litre bottles
Dulon 2  – Available in 500ml, and 5 litre bottles


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Additional Information

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